Google Colab makes us free for environment setup



STUDY AT HOME  ~ investment analysis & its procedure as tech hobby ~ Part 3

Google Colab ( is a web application capable of running Python script on Internet browser. I found this handy service accidentally when I was trying to resolve the Excel limitation issue (the details are explained here) by Python. I would like to explain to you what a convenient tool it is in this article. The strong points of this service I want to highlight particularly are as followings:

  • Unnecessity to build environment to run script
  • Working on Internet browser
  • Free of charge

To run your script, you normally have to prepare a device performing that, install Python package and designate directory locations etc. They sometimes demotivate people who begin to learn programming. For one thing  setting up environment is not so easy and must for running script normally although it is essentially not programming. In fact, I have experienced such sort of issue in the past. Which directory should the package be installed in? Permission? Also, IDE and the normal environments are subject to being mixed up. Google Colab provides the prepared environment for you instead. You can quicky enjoy prototyping your code keeping motivation without complicated procedures in advance.

Furthermore, the feature working on Internet browser is really helpful. If the running device for your development is restricted, you have to be with the device all the time to run it. With Google Colab, you are able to run your script anywhere online. It is even possible to do so on your smartphone.

Free of charge is also fascinating for us. You enjoy the experience with neither initial nor running cost.

I actually wrote the codes for a project by repeatedly running them to test. It was totally out of stress to set up environment and bring specific laptop. Which helped me complete the script more rapidly.

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