How invest S&P500 with high performance and risk avoidance?

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STUDY AT HOME ~ investment analysis & its procedure as tech hobby ~ Part 1

In the last two years during the covid-19 shock, many people would stay at home and think of a bunch of things in the time when they unexpectedly had. In my case, I took the amount of cash I would be able to earn in my life into account. I currently engage in a typical conservative company in Japan. Overlooking the transition of salary increase so far here and economic sluggishness in Japan, I can easily assume how much I am able to get my salary until retirement, which is sort of hopeless for me. My appetite for a brighter future from a monetary perspective made me consider the prospect of investment. I would not say investment is the only way to relieve myself but its feature working without my undertaking daily is attractive. Anyway, I decided to aim for revenue from investment to S&P 500 which was suggested from influencers through YouTube and the famous investor, Mr. Warren Buffett. This series of my blog feature how I strategized to increase my asset and how I systemized the procedure by sort of technologies. The types of topic in individual part are certainly quite different. One time it could be about stock, another time it could be pure technology.

At the beginning, I wanted to analyze the particular trends from historical data. I did not want to start the trade before I understood the considerable risk and return. Especially, I was curious of the followings:

  • What percentage of drop it has experienced against the maximum price as of any time in the past?
  • How many cases of individual level of drop were there? 
  • How many days did it take to recover the price?

That information can help us predict when to purchase the stocks and how long to take to get the expected revenue.

I downloaded the historical data from This website supplies us with many kinds of stock indexes and allows us to intuitively choose your required condition and get the spreadsheet file.

Then I instantly analyzed the data with Microsoft Excel functions. However I have faced the limitation of Excel capability…

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